bespoke services

Made-to-order service

For just £25 extra Why not choose made-to-order for just an additional £25? If the knitwear style you want appears in the brochure but not in the colour you would like, we can offer a made to order service for a non-refundable supplement of £25 on top of the original price. For example, if you would like the Lisa Wasitcoat but would prefer it in our Jade colour, we can make it for you for just £124. We can also make non standard sizes i.e. extra garment length or shorter sleeves.

There may be an extra charge for this, please telephone for advice. Just complete the form below or call 01908 522455 to request a quote.

Knitwear Selections

Refinishing Service

Our specialist cashmere team in Scotland will professionally clean and re-finish any pure cashmere sweaters you have (whatever the brand) to remove pilling (bobbling) and make your garment look and feel brand new. The cost of re-finishing is £25 per garment including return postage.

Repair Service

Our cashmere technicians in Scotland have years of experience in crafting garments and we are amazed at what they can do to invisibly repair a garment. Holes can be professionally repaired and as a general guide, a small hole will cost approximately £25. We will confirm the price with you after our inspection and before we proceed with the repair.

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