Recycle your old pure cashmere


Pure Cashmere Recycling Service

Join us in our recycling initiative and swap your old pure cashmere sweater for a FREE pair of fingerless gloves
made from 100% recycled cashmere AND a £20 gift voucher which can be spent with any of our five luxury brands.




It’s Simple & Easy to Recycle With Us

Prepare your old cashmere knitwear

Step 1:

Prepare your old cashmere knitwear

• Check your knitwear is pure cashmere.
• Must have a 30cm square area on the body if sleeves are intact, or a 40cm square area if sleeves have holes.
• Ensure garments are washed and clean prior to sending to us.

Mail us your old cashmere

Step 2:

Post your old cashmere to this address, clearly labelling the parcel ‘FOR RECYCLING’.
Please include your name, address, telephone number and email address if you have one.

(Offer is limited to 5 sweaters per customer within any 12 month period.)

Unit 6 Fernfield Farm
Little Horwood
MK17 0PR
United Kingdom

Recycle your old cashmere

Step 3:

Once received and processed, we’ll send you your £20 voucher and FREE
fingerless gloves! Your voucher can be redeemed with any of our five luxury brands below:

(The colour of your gloves will be a lucky dip, selected at random)


What happens to your sweater?

We send it to our friends at Turtle Doves who re-work the yarn and turn it into recycled cashmere pieces, some of which you can purchase from us here.




Not ready to recycle?

If your beloved cashmere isn’t ready to be recycled just yet and simply needs a little TLC, we offer a range of repairs and refinishing services to help breathe life back into your favourite pieces. Prices start from just £25.


Why does it matter?

Ethical and sustainable practices are at the heart of everything we do here at the Cashmere Centre. We believe your clothes shouldn’t cost the earth that we walk on, so we’re passionate about making sure that we create a closed-loop process. Not only are we dedicated to crafting high-quality, long-lasting pieces, but our repair & recycling schemes ensure that nothing is wasted. For more information on how we’re prioritising sustainability within our business, view our sustainability page.



Terms and Conditions

Each £20 gift voucher is subject to a minimum order value of £50 per voucher. For example,
2 gift vouchers must have a minimum order value of £100 and so on. Valid on full-price items
only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

The cashmere item must be pure cashmere and have a 30cm square area on the body if
sleeves are intact or a 40cm square area if sleeves have holes.

Offer is limited to 5 sweaters per customer within any 12 month period.

All sweaters sent in for recycling must be washed/cleaned before being sent to us.

The offer is for private use only and the free gloves are not for resale.

The colour of gloves will be selected at random, colours cannot be requested and cannot be changed.


Occasionally we may send you our Cashmere Centre catalogues. If you do NOT wish to receive these, please let us know by contacting us by phone or online.

If you have any questions then feel free to call one of our team on 01908 522455 or email us at

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