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Privacy Policy

The Cashmere Centre is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our users while providing the highest possible quality of service. When you place orders or access your account information, we offer the use of a secure server. The secure server software (SSL) encrypts all information you input before it is sent to us. Furthermore, as required by the UK Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998, we follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, to prevent unauthorised access. Our security procedures mean that we may occasionally request proof of identity before we are able to disclose sensitive information to you. Under the terms of the Data Protection legislation, we are required to explain to you how we will treat any personal and/or private data which we collect from you.

Who we are

We are The Cashmere Centre. We are also known as the data controller. We sell a wide range of luxurious cashmere clothing for ladies and men. The website is owned and operated by us. Should you wish to access any information that we store about you, please write to us at the address published on our website.

Collection of Information from our Clients
In order to fulfill your order (for example - for the purchase of cashmere jumpers), we need to know certain personal information collected at the time of order. It is our policy that this information is private and confidential. Accordingly, the personal information you provide to us is stored in a secure location and is accessible only by designated staff. It will be used only for the purposes for which you provide the information. We will only sell, rent or trade any personal information you provide to us with your permission as requested on our user registration form.

Keeping you informed
We would like to tell you by e-mail or other electronic means about products and services which we believe would be of interest to you and which are offered by us and other selected companies. We also aim to keep you informed of any "service announcements" that may affect your account. If you do not want us to do this simply un-check this option during the registration process, or email us at any time and request removal. Please note that un-checking the box means that we will not be able to tell you about additional benefits and services available to our customers.

Computer Tracking and 'Cookies'
A cookie is a small amount of data sent to your computer or mobile phone from a website. This means the website can recognise your device (your computer or mobile phone) if you return to the same website. A cookie often includes a unique identifier, which is a randomly generated number. This is stored on your device's hard drive. For more information please see:

The law which applies to how cookies are used for storing information on your equipment (such as your computer or mobile device) has changed. We have provided you with information about how our site uses cookies. To make it clearer for you, we've divided how we use cookies into four different categories:

Strictly Necessary
- - this type of cookie is used by our E-commerce website to allow products to be purchased online.

-- This type of cookie is used to remember information about a feature on a page, such as the fact that you've watched a video clip or listened to an audio file previously.

--T his type of cookie is used to remember information about how you use a website, and provide analytical information to site administrators.

-- This type of cookie is created by a third-party, and can also fall under the categories of 'Setting', 'Feature' and 'Functional'. Where third-party cookies are present on our sites, we will attempt to be as upfront and clear as possible about their intended purpose.

List of cookies we collect

The tables below lists the cookies we collect and what information they store.


Cookie Names Category / Description
Google __utma,

Performance-based cookies- Third-party Web Analytics and Ad response rates cookies used exclusively to manage website design performance and monitor Google pay-per-click advertisements.

How to Block - Google Analytics cookies can be blocked in a number of ways. Google offers an opt-out browser add-on for most modern web browsers, or cookies can be disabled directly within your browser

What would happen if these cookies are blocked? Blocking Google Analytics cookies will provide no reduced service to you, but we will be unable to capture detailed information about your experience online.



Feature-based cookies- Some of our web pages contain Third party YouTube video clips. Where this occurs, YouTube can drop standard, and flash-based, cookies to collect analytical information.

How to Block - To ensure these cookies are not downloaded, we recommend that you disable cookies directly within your browser

What would happen if these cookies are blocked? Blocking YouTube cookies may prevent some videos from playing properly.


Please note our cookies will NOT be used 1) To gather information that could be used for marketing purposes or 2) To remember customer preferences or user ID’s outside a single session (unless the user has requested this function).

We neither store cookies on our computers, use them to track your movement among different websites, nor forward or exchange them with any external parties.

Giving your consent
It is important that you read and understand these statements. By ordering any of our products, a binding agreement between yourself and your business and The Cashmere Centre will be created such that we can use your information in this way.

We warrant that we will not disclose your information or personal details to any other third party without your approval. We will not send you any unsolicited commercial e-mail unless you have given your prior consent. We will seek to act in the best interest of our customers, and will not abuse our position of data controller for any commercial gain.
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